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Post  Omosky Fri Dec 03, 2010 5:40 pm

I haven't signed onto my accounts in a while, but I do remember a lack of any official help guides. The lack of them has actually hindered me playing. Due to getting wrong information, not just on cat-tails, I rely on these guides to tell me mostly of what I need to know. I wont do anything until I know what it does and what I'm doing. Seeing as doing something just to find out has been my down fall before relying on guides.

As far as guides so, I'm talking about a general newbie help guide, an advanced and more detailed help guide about game play (breeding, items, how everything plays into each other, etc...), a cat guide (general info on the cat breeds), an item guide (what an item does, how many uses, and where it can be bought at if or if it was a special, etc...), and etc...


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Post  Eltafez Fri Dec 03, 2010 8:13 pm

Where the official help pages lacked info, player guides on CT's Help board more than made up for it. I recall there were stickied threads like my item reference list, Fizzy's guide to HTML, a general (newbie) tutorial from Roosy (I think), a topic revolving around money-making from Shycat518, and Comett's guide to art-- plus Shaunny's manip tutorial on the Creativity board. Info on cat breeds (including history, personality and physical traits...) were found on the map, titled 'Breed Standards'.

It was really just a matter of looking through the boards, though I understand your daintiness of there being official help guides. That's why I've been wanting to create a small fansite for CT... Which was no good because I couldn't find enough time for it. Besides, why should I have made a fansite when all the answers could've been found on the forums?

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Post  Aislynn Thu Dec 09, 2010 11:49 am

This is certainly something that needs addressing. Help files have not been updated since our original opening, bar the Genetics Guide which I had to keep up to date as I added new genes (Ie the eye color genes.) However, this would be low priority in the update unless I add soemthing extremely confusing. I may be able to code up something to show the different items.
However - I'm open to allowing players to write up help guides. It'd be a great help to me. In fact, I could peruse the ones on the Forums and see if, perhas, I can use any of them to stick up in an official sort of capacity. But if anyone wants to write up help files for something to do while the site is down - be my guest!


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Post  Emma Mon Dec 27, 2010 11:21 am

I personally would love help guides. c:
I wouldn't mind making one myself, if I had time. ;.;


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