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Post  falconstar Sun Dec 19, 2010 1:42 pm

Last year, shortly after recovering, I posted a breif decsription of my car crash last june...
recent news from doctors have stirred up a lot of...emotions in me and i just need to write it out, get it out of my system.

Although I received the most numerous amount of injuries which required hospital surgery, my younge rbrother (then barely 10 years old) Michael suffered the most in our horrible crash.
Last year, I posted the facts...this year, I need to post what I truthfully remember:

I remember my Grandfather's funeral, a quick ceremony with the Mason society 9he was a member.)
We ate lunch with the Masons afterwards. I had my first Reuban.
I remember driving home, seeing deer and rabbits and a falcon (we suspect)
We stopped at a candy store. I don't remember what i got, but my mom got some of those lollipop-type things taht are just flavored sticks, and Michael got Jelly Belly beans.
We tried to stop at a Harley Davidson store to get my dad a shirt, but it was on the other side of the highway.
We stopped at McDonalds...I forget if this was before or after the candy store.


"Can you open the window?" A man said.
I rolled down the window and crawled out, with help.
My mom laid me on the grass
I vomited.
She told me to pray for my brother
Some machine was picking it's way towards him through the bacxk of the car
the car (a cobalt chevy cobalt) was upside down.

I remember the helicopter. it was huge, and very loud
I had a collar around my neck and was loaded into the copter
I looked at my elbow:
It was very wrong.
Very dislocated.
The EMT's told me not to look, I told them not to worry, I'd screwed up my elbow before, and I showed them my other very wonky (from a previous incident) elbow.
They told me to breathe in so they could put in an IV
I breathed in.

I'm in...the ER?
Some open room of the hospital
Someone moves my hospital bed so i am closer to Michael. he is not talking.
I reach for his hand.
I confirm the year, the president (i won't post my snide remarks because political matter is not appropriate content for CT >.>)
I confirm the vice president.
They ask me how old he is.
i say
umm, like 60 something?
They inform me that they were asking about my borther, not Joe Biden.
I inform the that we are cat people, so i get a beanie baby tuxedo cat named Snip, he gets a tiger....his favorite Very Happy

anyway, there's tons more I remember, but I think thats all the details that really need to be said.
After surviving having his skull fused back to his spine and havign to wear a contraption called a halo with a wool vest in Florida, we have been informed that michael's surgery will need to be redone.
They may have to move further down his spine and limit his mobility even more.
They may accidentally paralyze him.
He is eleven years old.


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Post  Eltafez Mon Dec 20, 2010 5:57 pm

Oh my goodness, Falcon-luff, I'm so sorry. ;-;

I have two younger brothers, so I could relate if we'd be in an accident ourselves-- which I hope will never occur... My youngest brother turned 10 this September. Although they can be a pain in the behind, I love them to bits and I wouldn't know what to do without them.

That's why it tears me apart to hear your brother is in a critical state. ;-;
Wish I could do more than just pray, but I'm afraid that's all I can do. If you ever need a listening ear, please don't hesitate and come a-knockin' on my door. <33

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Post  Jelly Bear Wed Dec 22, 2010 12:21 am

Oh my falcon! I will keep you all in my prayers and I'm sooo sorry. I hope that everything goes wonderful and he is 1000 times better than he was before. God bless you and your family and have a wonderful Christmas.
All my prayers,

Jelly Bear

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Post  Emma Mon Dec 27, 2010 11:07 am

Oh, Nessie. D: I'm so sorry. <3 ;huggles; :C
I don't know what I would do if that happened to my little brother... ;shudders; I'll pray for him. :C


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Post  U2kitty Fri Feb 18, 2011 7:28 pm

Oh, Falcon.
I can't even begin to know how you feel.
I have know younger siblings the closest to having a younger sibling is my little cousin Nina.
I do however have the connection you have to your brother.I have two older siblings and I love them dearly.I also have an adored cousin.I couldn't stand to lose any of them.
I wish I could do more than hope for you.
Stay strong FalconStar.


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