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Unique tag sale on Fay only!

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Unique tag sale on Fay only! Empty Unique tag sale on Fay only!

Post  Eltafez Thu Jan 06, 2011 8:28 pm

Why is it so unique?
Because all artwork belongs to itself!
Unique tag sale on Fay only! Base1_eltafezUnique tag sale on Fay only! Base2_eltafezUnique tag sale on Fay only! Base3_eltafezUnique tag sale on Fay only! Base4_eltafez1

If you have played Fay before, you will know the Spirit Guides:
"Your fairy can even have its own special friend to keep it company. There are over twenty species of Spirit Guides each coming in a wide array of colors. If raised properly, these fun little creatures will improve the stats of your fairy."

The admins granted me with the permission of selling four types of SGs in tag form to advertise both the sim game and the purchase of upgraded accounts.

Want some? Then get them! ;D
PS: An activated account is needed.
Note: The tags are not sold for RL currency, nor are they sold for game currency that requires the payment of RL currency.

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