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Updates So Far!

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Updates So Far! Empty Updates So Far!

Post  Aislynn Sun Apr 03, 2011 3:42 pm

The remodeling is still chugging along - reworking every single bit of code to my perfectionist liking is certainly taking longer than I had originally thought. This is mainly due to the fact I've got a lot of final projects, exams and the like rolling around in college that have taken a bit of priority.

Cat Tails is certainly still going to be reopened, though the actual date may be a bit fluid until I get a clearer view as to what needs to be fixed still. Here's hoping things continue to go steadily, even if it is a bit slower than I would have prefered.

Almost all important database information has been transferred - cats, items and users - and board messages, mail messages and the like are going to be shuttled over when I start to actually work on those sections of the site.

The only snag I've hit is with the transfer of the old show records. The new code uses a different system to record places and the like. There's such a massive amount of old records for shows that it'd be a waste of time to try to copy them over to the new system.

Don't panic, though! Your cats' current number of show wins, as well as BOB wins, shall be calculated and stored. This number will be added on to any shows they win in the new system so the results will remain accurate as they were on the old version of the site. The new show system should be a lot faster and more friendly on the database. I'm hoping, anyhow!

So this is just an update to make sure everyone knows I'm still working and things are still moving along - but I wanted to give some explaination as to the slowness in the past month. Rest assured I am still here!


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