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Free tags!

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Free tags! Empty Free tags!

Post  Eltafez Sat Nov 26, 2011 7:25 pm

Time goes by so fast... o.o
So for the curious ones, I decided to show you my progress in art.
All images below belong to me. Don't claim (partial) ownership unless I personally gave it to you.

Tags made: (descending from oldest to newest)
Free tags! Elta_rnd01_ex1Free tags! Elta_rnd01_ex2Free tags! Elta_rnd01_ex3Name/ID:
Glow (colour/none):
Howl For Me
Free tags! Eltafeztag_223Free tags! Eltafeztag_224Name/ID#:
Moon/Starfield colour (default/other):
Glow (default/none/other):
Hi There!
Free tags! Eltafeztag_226Free tags! Eltafeztag_227Name/ID#:
Glow (colour/none):
Free tags! Elta_wildy_freetag01
Large art: [Click link for image]
  • Silk fan-art: I needed a bookmarker... So I randomly drew one of my characters and printed it. x)
  • Contest entry (Lynx): Drawn for a fursona design contest. I didn't win, so I might re-do the design once I've got the time.


As you can see, I still haven't settled with only one style. Here we are, almost a year later, and I'm -still- experimenting. x_x The tags you see above were also sold on FP (except for the gifts... obviously.) I had thought I'd have the chance to sell them on CT, too, so I decided to wait. Now that that's no longer the case, I'm willing to gift each player with two tags.

But! There's a catch: In order for me to keep track of all the players, you must provide the name you were known by on CT, in the PM or here.

There are some rules, of course.
  • Absolutely no stealing/tracing/etc.
  • Each player gets a max. of 2 tags.
  • After the limit, each tag costs $1.50 (via Paypal only, which will be PM'd to you)
  • I prefer reference sheets over photographs and/or tags.
  • You may use the tags on other sites as long as you stay away from my signature.
  • When posting forms, spare me the trouble of getting confused and put the title of the tag (eg. "Hi There!") above the related form.

Keep in mind that I've got a busy life, and my computer hours are frequently shot down by my parents (and school.) All I ask is that you have patience while I work things out. For the month of December, I won't be able to draw anything. Reasons are: exams and parents. I'm hoping to start with these somewhere begin January, so you'd be able to think of these tags as a late Christmas gift. ^^;

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Free tags! Empty Howl For Me

Post  Michelle Sun Nov 27, 2011 2:09 pm

Could I use it on Howrse? If so...

Name/ID#: From CT is Michelle (#4602) I miss that number... Name on tag would be Zylander
Reference: Avery
Add-ons: None
Moon/Starfield colour (default/other): Default
Glow (default/none/other): Whatever looks nice
Other: Thank you so much, Elta! Your art is so wonderful! PM me if you have any problems...

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Free tags! Empty Howl for Me

Post  Omosky Mon Nov 28, 2011 1:50 am

Wow, thanks Elt! I was originally known as Eclipse. Later, and for a short time as EclipedWolf and just Eclipsed. Due to a hiatus, my name on Cat-tails wasn't changed to Omosky until much later then the other sites I play(ed) on due to a hiatus.

Name/ID#: Omosky, I can't remember the ids that I had. I do know that they both started with 1's and were at the most, no larger than, four numbers.
Reference: Neiko
Add-ons: None.
Moon/Starfield colour (default/other): For the moon, something similar to this. For the starfield, could you add like the aurora borealis?
Glow (default/none/other): Anything that you think looks well.
Other: Thanks a ton Elt. Smile If you have a question about something feel free to message me. Neiko & Isis.

Name/ID#: Same
Reference: Isis
Add-ons: None
Moon/Starfield colour (default/other): Same
Other: Sorry that they're photos. I haven't had much time to use Moon's free file to make Isis a proper ref like Neiko's. Neiko & Isis.


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Free tags! Empty Re: Free tags!

Post  falconstar Tue Nov 29, 2011 5:36 pm

these are gorgeous. I shall return.


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Free tags! Empty Re: Free tags!

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