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Mobile flash cards.

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Mobile flash cards. Empty Mobile flash cards.

Post  alenysion6759 Wed Nov 02, 2011 6:55 am

It's really just a stylish-looking pen with a pretty hefty price tag. No special functions whatsoever. We did find some bad points about this stylus. Firstly, it's symetrically shaped. When the covers are on, it's hard to tell which end is the stylus and which is the pen. However, if you can find the ipad 3 covers in the middle(the picture above), remember that "H" is the end that has the stylus on it. However, it was very hard to draw with, having to press very hard to get a line, and the ipad 3 screen protector didn't respond to the thin tapered edge.Check it out:$7.506)Capacitive Styra by BoxWaveIt may seem expensive at first, but when you start using it , you'll understand what you're paying for .The tip is very soft, so you don't worry about damage to my ipad 3 accessories. It's extremely accurate and responsive despite of the slightly flatter head. It's because of the responsiveness that makes drawing details easy. The pen feels good in your hand and works flawlessly. To ipad 3 charger, it looks pretty cool as well. What do you think?


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